Woodward Tahoe's Coach, Jake Eames

Skate coach Jake Eames was one of the first skaters to have the opportunity to figure out the new park at Woodward Tahoe. His technical flip tricks and manuals mixed with his effortless style

Start With Woodward

Start With Woodward is an innovative way to learn to ski and snowboard. Begin your progression inside the Woodward Tahoe Bunker where we will take you through basic movements and skill building before taking it on-snow at Boreal Mountain. Using every feature we have on the mountain and inside The Bunker including tramps, launch ramps, pump tracks, foam pits and terrain parks, we know you’re going to have an awesome experience!

Volcom PB & J Rail Jam 2014

This year, the Peanut Butter and Rail Jam at Boreal should have been called the Peanut Butter and Taco Fiesta. The boarders in each age division only had one 30 minute jam to prove their worthiness to the acclaimed panel of judges. With the short heat time in mind, the contestants didn't waste anytime with warmup tricks; they went straight to the "meat" of their bag of tricks and there was plenty of tacos to go around.

Holiday Magic at Boreal

"Labeled" - Full Movie

What is Woodward?

Snowmaking Begins at Boreal

Awesome Has Arrived Intro

The intro to Woodward Tahoe's first ever Summer Camp DVD. Makes me want to go to camp!

What is Ride with Woodward?

An innovative ski/ride school with freestyle influences.


As seen on Snowboarder Magazine

Boreal Opening Weekend

Boreal opened on October 28th for skiing and riding.

Boreal Opens Tomorrow

Opening Day 10.26.12