Boreal BagJump

Boreal AirBag from Kyle Miller on Vimeo.

The BagJump pass is not packeged together with the Woodward Tahoe Bunker Pass.  BagJump passes will not be sold seperatly.  For information about the Woodward Tahoe Bunker Pass visit

Boreal BagJump


Bag Jump


Progression is Key!

Start on smaller features and work your way up.  The Boreal BagJump is a Terrain Park Feature and should only be used by those that have progressed and are riding/skiing within their skill level.  Develop your skills on Small, Medium and Large features before progressing to Extra Large features.  Boreal's Bag Jump feature is considered an XL feature.  When appropriate, consider using a marking system on take-offs to delineate the take-off point.  This may vary due to weather and use patterns.

Boreal’s BagJump Training Arena Requirements are listed below.  No one is permitted into the enclosed training arena without the listed mandatory requirements.  Entrance is only allowed while attendants are present.  Any misuse of the Boreal BagJump will be cause for immediate resort dismissal, revoked privileges and will not gain access again or money back.



ATML Model – Know the 4 Zones and have a plan before using any freestyle terrain

  • APPROACH zone is space for setting your speed and stance to use the feature.  Approach the Bagjump take-off for your chosen maneuver as you would for any other similarly sized and shaped take-off.
  • TAKE-OFF zone is for making moves that start your maneuver.
  • MANEUVER zone is for controlling your body in the air and setting up for landing. Maintain control through your maneuver as you aim for the landing zone.
  • LANDING zone is center of the Bagjump.  On impact with landing zone allow your momentum to carry you, rolling your body into the Bagjump to allow maximum transfer of your landing energy as the Bagjump deflates.


Mandatory Requirements in order to access Boreal's BagJump Training Arena

  • Signed Liability Release.  If a minor, an adult/parent/guardian over the age of 18 must authorize and sign liability release.  A single liability release will remain on file at Boreal for one winter season only.
  • Mandatory Helmet use.  Any person entering into the BagJump training venue must wear a helmet while using the Jump and BagJump.
  • Must read and follow ATML Progression.
  • Purchase a ticket, punch card or air pass to use the BagJump
  • BagJump hours of operation may vary due to wind/weather conditions
  • The Boreal BagJump Arena will have an attendant at top and bottom of BagJump.