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Striving to Educate Park Users

November 5, 2007

Boreal Strives to Educate Park Users New Evolution Program Donner Summit, CA – Long before they were pro, even today’s hottest riders had to start somewhere. The best way to evolve as a park rider is to start at the beginning and master all of the basics. With the help from our friends at Boards in Motion, Boreal is excited to launch “Evolution Features.” These Evolution Features cover everything a rider needs, to evolve their park riding skills, from pumping rollers, to boosting in the superpipe. You can check out these “how to” tips while in the parks, at the Evolution Drop-In Spots. “We’ve designed a set of educational tools to help park users understand how to approach, take off, maneuver and land a jump, rail, or funbox. Our goal is to provide kids the tools to learn the right way to use terrain parks,” said Eric Rosenwald, Terrain Park Manager for Boreal and Soda Springs. Boreal’s Evolution features and drop-in spots are clearly marked with banners found throughout the resort. In addition, Boreal has posted on chairlift towers a series of smart style messages that park users can easily understand. In addition to on-mountain messaging, Boreal offers terrain park lessons. Boreal’s park staff, who spend the greatest amount of time among park users will be communicating the importance of park etiquette and proper use. “Kids respect skiers and riders that speak to them in their own element, and we feel our park staff are the best to gain that rapport and deliver the message on safe park use,” said Jody Churich, Boreal General Manager. For more information on Smart Style tips, visit Or link from Boreal’s website at

Jon Slaughter

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