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Level 1's Superunknown XI Come to Boreal Mountain Resort

December 10, 2013

11 years deep- the biggest, best, and most long-standing video talent search in skiing is back and better than ever!
The basic rules for this year’s contest are the same- entrants are required to put together a 2-and-a-half minute long video showcasing their skills, talent, bag of tricks, style, and personality. No résumés, no still photos, no comp results- just pure unfiltered video action. Entries will be reviewed and judged by the Level 1 staff and our crew of athletes based on the above criteria and overall impression.
In early March we’ll be dropping Semi-Finalist edits online, followed shortly by 9 Finalists. The 10th Finalist spot? They’ll be chosen by YOU- voted from the crop of Semi-Finalists in an online poll!
We’re then taking the 10 Finalists to Boreal Mountain Resort in Lake Tahoe, CA for a private week-long superpark shoot in April where they’ll be joined by previous Superunknown winners and a film crew from Level 1, on hand to document all the action. Web updates will be released throughout the week, and the best content will be logged for a feature segment in Level 1’s Fall ’14 feature film. At the end of the week finalists, previous Superunknown Winners, and the Level 1 crew will put in their vote for whoever they think is most deserving of the title. The skier with the most votes will take home the official title of Superunknown XI, a cash prize (details TBA), an invite to join the Level 1 crew for film shoots throughout the rest of the filming schedule, and a foot in the door of the ski industry!


About Superunknown
Superunknown was started in 2003 to help discover and expose the best unsponsored up and coming talent in the game, and give them a shot at making a name for themselves outside of the traditional competition scene.
The first contest of its kind, entrants were asked to submit a simple promo video showcasing their skills, talent, bag of tricks, style, and personality. No résumés, no still photos, no essay questions- just pure unfiltered video action. Entries were reviewed and judged by Level 1's staff and athletes. The most impressive skier each year took the title and was awarded a chance to film with Level 1 and given a foot in the door of the industry. 11 years deep, Superunknown is the biggest and best open video contest in action sports with over 100 entries coming in from top amateurs and the best undiscovered talent around the world.

Past Superunknown winners include:
2004 Superunknown I      Corey Vanular
2005 Superunknown II     JD Zicat
2006 Superunknown III   Michael Clarke
2007 Superunknown IV   Tom Wallisch
2008 Superunknown V     Jon Brogan
2009 Superunknown VI   Niklas Eriksson
2010 Superunknown VII   Logan Imlach
2011 Superunknown VIII  Sig Tveit
2012 Superunknown IX    Lucas Stal-Madison

2013 Superunknown X      Magnus Granér


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