Protect Your Playground


Playgrounds aren’t limited to spaces for swings and slides. They are also the mountains we ski down and hike up, the skate and terrain parks that consume our days, and the countless havens boosting our next big adventure.

But what would our world, our lives, be without these playgrounds? The continued use of these is only guaranteed by our consciousness today. There is a wealth of inspired ideas to protect local environments, but the vision for change doesn’t always come with the necessary resources to make that dream a reality.

Protect Your Playground exists to empower and inspire individuals to identify and develop solutions for environmental issues that affect their local natural playgrounds. We know that by providing innovative, environmentally minded individuals with the tools and resources they need to turn their ideas into action and impact, together we can make systemic, lasting contributions to our communities.

The question is:
how can we help you Protect Your Playground?

Think big. Play big.

Great ideas often come from unassuming places and if your brainstorming skills are anything like your recreational ones, there’s a good chance you’ve already been thinking about this. Gather your concept(s), rally the troops, and apply for a Protect Your Playground grant. If your innovative, environmentally focused idea is the right one, we'll supply the tools and resources you need to turn that idea into reality. Together we can make systemic, lasting contributions to our environment.

Your idea will be reviewed by our team of experts. If your entry is selected, it will be promoted on the grounds of Boreal Mountain Resort as well as through our social networks to bring that much more attention to your plan.

Who’s eligible?

The focus of Protect Your Playground is to empower individuals in our community - from skiers and riders, to business owners and homeowners, even employees at the resort. As such, preference is given to projects submitted by individuals rather than 501(c)3 organizations. Please submit one application to the Powdr Resort in your community.

I have a project that needs funding. Where do I begin?


Make sure your project is in keeping with the mission to Protect Your Playground in the greater Killington area.  In other words, what is your project going to do to help the future of the environment/outdoor spaces in the community?

Carefully decide on your funding goals and ensure that they make sense.  How is the money going to be used?  It is helpful to be as specific as possible so the initial vetting committee understands that you have thought this through and you are not arbitrarily throwing a number out there.

We welcome funding requests between $100 and $2,000* for projects that will serve to protect the environmental playgrounds we love.

Who decides which projects get funded?


This is the exciting part of Protect Your Playground. After a committee of Boreal Mountain Resort employees reviews and vets each submission, they will pick the top 2-4 viable projects and the public will vote. We'll be tapping into our daily visitors and online social networks to help us decide which projects should be funded.

We'll post all the details of the top 2-4 project submissions, then we'll have ballot boxes on-site and online voting available from February 18, 2015.

What if my project gets funded?


We'll be contacting the winning submissions by April 15, 2015 and then it's time for the winner(s) to start being an agent of change in our community! Before you receive your funding you will be asked to sign a few things:

  • An agreement that the funds you receive will be used as you stated they would be in your budget proposal.
  • An agreement to allow Boreal Mountain Resort to follow up with you periodically to check on the progress and results of your project.
  • It is possible that a segment about your project may be filmed to feature on our digital sites and possible Outside TV.

2014 Winning Projects Announced

We asked you to share your ideas to make Boreal Mountain Resort a greener place, and you did not disappoint. With more submissions than nearly every other Powdr™ Resort, we couldn't be more stoked to put them into practice for next season.