Protect Your Playground


Playgrounds aren’t limited to spaces for swings and slides. They are also the mountains we ski down and hike up, the skate and terrain parks that consume our days, and the countless havens boosting our next big adventure.

But what would our world, our lives, be without these playgrounds? The continued use of these is only guaranteed by our consciousness today. There is a wealth of inspired ideas to protect local environments, but the vision for change doesn’t always come with the necessary resources to make that dream a reality.

Protect Your Playground exists to empower and inspire individuals to identify and develop solutions for environmental issues that affect their local natural playgrounds. We know that by providing innovative, environmentally minded individuals with the tools and resources they need to turn their ideas into action and impact, together we can make systemic, lasting contributions to our communities.

The question is: how can we help you Protect Your Playground?

Think big. Play big.

Great ideas often come from unassuming places and if your brainstorming skills are anything like your recreational ones, there’s a good chance you’ve already been thinking about this. Powdr has $40,000 to give – let us know what you need to bring your plan to life. Gather your concept(s), rally the troops, and apply.

Your idea will be reviewed by our team of experts. If your entry is selected, it will be promoted on the grounds of Boreal Mountain Resort as well as through our social networks to bring that much more attention to your plan.

We are excited to see your creativity and back it with the resources needed to see your vision through and protect your playground.

2014 Grant Winners

MIKE LEDEBOER was awarded $3,410 for his Boreal Bio Diesel project. Mike takes french fry grease from the lodge and refines it into "Boreal 100 Bio Fuel" which he uses to run the Accelerator Express Quad at Boreal Mountain Resort!

NELSON HAWKINS was awarded $2,200 for his Sustainability Awareness Festival organized by youth and local organizations and businesses.

PAUL HERAN was awarded $2,200 for his composting project at Woodward Tahoe. "By including composting in our summer camp programs at Woodward Tahoe, not only will we be starting to make better use of our waste, but we will also be showing our campers how they can better make use of their own waste and start to live more sustainability. "-Paul Gregory Heran

SAM ROSSI & DYLAN EICHENBERG were awarded $1,100 plus five Boreal lift tickets for their project of reclaiming Bonsai Beach will involve the local cleanup of one of Lake Tahoe’s most treasured beaches. It will incorporate two focus areas that will divide volunteers based on interest and age. Volunteers interested and able to remove the graffiti on the boulders will use eco-friendly products while others will pick up trash along the access trails to the beach. In order to effectively remove graffiti paint from granite we will have to use a portfolio of removal methods, including application of Motsenbocker’s “Graffiti Lift-Off” product following repeated applications of the blowtorches. The November 24th attempt found this process to be successful in removing the paint and restoring the original appearance of the granite.