The first step to planning your trip is to select a date for your trip. Boreal Mountain Resort is open seven days a week during the winter season. Holidays and weekends are always a great time to learn to ski and snowboard, although you may have more room for yourself if you choose to come on a weekday. You never know when the “snow flu” will give you the opportunity to get an extra work/school day off. It’s a good idea to plan your first day with friends or family, as learning something new is always more fun when you can share the experience. Make sure you get plenty of rest and drink plenty of water the night before so you will have ample of energy for your first day on the snow.


Skiing and snowboarding allows us to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. Weather in the Sierra Mountains can change very quickly. Always check the weather report before you plan your trip and on the day of your arrival so you can make adequate preparations. You can always check the Current Conditions on the Boreal Mountain Resort's website or you can log onto websites like and to get the daily forecast. It is always advised to be prepared for all conditions all the time. Some days you may not need all of your gear, but it is better to have something and not need it than the other way around.  Always wear sunscreen, no matter what the weather is like. Sunglasses are great on sunny days, but goggles are ideal on snowy days. Some days may start out cold and end up warm, and sometimes it starts out warm and ends up cold. Dressing in layers is a great way to manage your comfort in changing conditions.


Below is a list of essential items that you will need for skiing and snowboarding. Try avoiding fabrics like cotton and denim as they will absorb moisture which will make for a soggy experience. Synthetic fabrics and wool are designed to draw moisture away from your body. One of the most important items is your socks. It’s not a good idea to wear multiple pairs of socks. This will affect the way your boots fit and actually cause your feet to get colder. Choosing a ski or snowboard specific sock will help keep your feet comfortable, warm and dry.

•    Sunscreen/chapstick
•    Ski socks
•    Waterproof jacket
•    Waterproof pants
•    Base layers (thin clothing to wear under your jacket)
•    Sunglasses
•    Goggles
•    Waterproof gloves
•    Wool hat
•    Long underwear
•    Change of clothes

If you forget to bring some of the essentials to the mountain, you can always purchase them at our Underground Sports Retail Shop. Boreal Mountain Resort’s helpful staff will help outfit you with your needs. Boreal Mountain Resort even rents adult snowpants and jackets.

Road Conditions

Before you pack the car make sure you check the current road conditions. You can call CalTrans at 1–800-427-ROAD or check their website for updates. Boreal Mountain Resort is the first resort off of Interstate-80 driving from Sacramento and the Bay Area, right atop of Donner Summit. Chains are required to be carried in your car throughout the winter months.

If you have never used snow chains, it is recommended that you practice installing and removing your new chains in the driveway, before you get to the snow. Chain installers are available along Interstate-80 for a fee; however you should know how to install chains on your own.

Be cautious while driving when it is snowing as road conditions and visibility can change quickly. It is also advised to carry a winter emergency kit in your vehicle at all times when traveling in the mountains.

First Time?

Resort Tips

Get some tips on how to make your first time at Boreal a pleasant experience.

Start w/ Woodward

Start your progression inside the Woodward Tahoe Bunker before taking it on-snow at Boreal Mountain. Max 6 per coach!

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