Boot & Helmet Fitting Guidelines


Boots Must Be Comfortable (no pain)

  • Not too loose (don’t want foot to slide around)
  • Not too tight (don’t want circulation hindered)

Toes near the front of boot

  • Not stuck, curled, or mashed against the front

Buckle boot, stand up, and bend knees forward

  • Shins pushed against front of boot
  • Heel should remain in place
  • Foot must remain secure inside boot

Boreal offers several styles of boots for wide, narrow, and athletic feet/calves.


Helmet should be snug and comfortable

  • Not to tight (should not be headache inducing)
  • Not to loose (should not move when moving your head)

Align the front rim of your helmet just above your eyebrows

  • Back of your helmet should not touch the nape of the neck

Buckle Helmet

  • Roll head back making sure helmet does not roll back
  • Move head left and right, holding helmet. You should not be able to move  your head inside while holding the helmet.

If you rent your gear from Boreal, you receive FREE all-day ski and board check service. Accessory lockers are available to store your shoes or clothing for two dollars. After you have been fitted properly, you can exit the rental shop right to the base of the mountain and meet your ski or snowboard instructor at the Snowsports School Meeting Corral.


First Time?

Resort Tips

Get some tips on how to make your first time at Boreal a pleasant experience.

Start w/ Woodward

Start your progression inside the Woodward Tahoe Bunker before taking it on-snow at Boreal Mountain. Max 6 per coach!

Take 3, Ride Free

NEW! Take any 3 Snowsports School lessons and earn a free 2013-14 season pass!


2014-15 Job Fair

Take the opportunity to meet with Boreal Mountain Resort, Woodward Tahoe and Soda Springs managers in-person. Interview for one or several winter positions available for the 2014-15 winter season.

'Bad Seeds' Movie

Get ready for winter with the 'Bad Seeds' movie premier from Nitro Snowboard.

Opening Day

Come kick-off the 2014-15 winter season on October 32 (aka TBD)!
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